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I’m Nicola, mama to two boys, Cassidy and Shiloh. A dear friend lent me a stretchy wrap when Cassidy was born 4 years ago, and I’ve been wearing most days since then. Getting jobs done, helping babies to sleep, getting out and about – I cannot picture my life without babywearing! At the moment I’m at home with the boys, but my husband and I alternate being the primary caregiver, and he’s a babywearing convert too. I’m really excited to be part of Babywearing Wellington.  I am a certified Slingababy peer supporter and babywearing consultant.


Hi, I’m Hannah, mum to Cole and Kyrie. We started our babywearing journey with a woven wrap which was hired from Babywearing Wellington the day after Cole was born; my mum picked it up while we were still in Hospital. We swapped it the following month for a stretchy wrap which I loved for the first few months, especially the freedom it gave me to move around while my baby slept peacefully on me. I really found my love for Buckle Carriers after attending my Kangatraining instructors course due to the ease and simplicity they provide for those parents who are new to babywearing. I am a certified Slingababy peer supporter and babywearing consultant.

Hannah and Cole


I’m Hilary, mum to Alice, Luke and Hazel.  When pregnant with Alice, I stumbled across babywearing.  As a winter baby, Alice was only a few days old by the time I had her snuggled in a stretchy wrap.  After a few months, we moved into the world of woven wraps and ring slings.  By the time Luke came along, we’d added a meh dai and onbuhimo to our collection. Babywearing has been an ever present part of my parenthood journey and I’m excited to move from a slingmeet helper to being a member of the committee.  Come and find me at the meets to chat woven wraps, ring slings, meh dais, onbuhimos and belly wrapping. I am a certified Slingababy peer supporter and babywearing consultant.

Hilary BWW photo


I’m Aurora, mom to toddler Patrick and baby Bobby. I heard about stretchy wraps when I was pregnant with Patrick and it was a perfect fit for getting around with a baby who didn’t like the car or pram. Once he grew out of the stretchy we moved on to buckle carriers which have become my babywearing true love, though I’ve experimented with ring slings, meh dais, and woven wraps since having Bobby. Babywearing has been such a gift for me and my babies and I’m excited to be a part of Babywearing Wellington.



Kia ora, I’m Tori and my babywearing journey started before my little man was born by using a ring sling to belly wrap. Since then I’ve tried my hand at stretchy wraps, ring slings, woven wraps and meh dai’s. My favourite is woven wraps, mostly because of the varying ways you can carry your child and all the different colours and patterns that they come in. We’re an active family and babywearing has allowed us to continue hiking, fishing and adventuring all while having gorgeous snuggles and being a mum. I’m the newest member of Babywearing Wellington but I’ve been passionately babywearing for over a year now. I look forward to seeing you at the next meet and helping you with your babywearing journey.

Tori website photo


Jess photo

“People with passion can change the world for the better”

Forever thanks to our founding and past Babywearing Wellington Committee Members

Updated: 28 February 2019


2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hi there, I would love join in, become a member and to hire a ssc but I have one slight problem. I am a full time working mum Mon-Friday so would never be able to attend a meeting without taking a day off. I was just wondering if your team had considered a weekend meeting or if there was any alternative options?

    Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Alex, thanks for your message, as a non-profit organisation run by a few volunteers, unfortunately the times we can meet is limited due to our family and work commitments. As an alternative to hiring from Babywearing Wellington you could hire a carrier through Woven or Baby on the Move and if you need one on one support there is a Babywearing Consultant nearby in Otaki who I’m sure would be happy to help you out, http://www.carried.co.nz

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