What can I hire?

Hiring From Our Library

How long can you hire for?

Our standard hire period is from meet to meet, approximately 1 month.  We hire out stretchy wraps for 3 months at a time.


How much does it cost?

There is a one-off sign-up cost of $20 to become a Babywearing Wellington member. It then costs $10 to hire any carrier in our library, or, $10 for 3 months if you are wanting to hire a stretchy wrap.


What about returning carriers?

All hired carriers need to be returned prior to the next meet, either by courier or at the start of the next slingmeet.  Please contact us by e-mail if you need to know the address to return the carrier to, and let us know as soon as possible if you anticipate any problems with retuning a carrier on time.  If a carrier isn’t returned by the due date our late fees are $30 per month. Late returns will be noted on your membership form and if you have more than two late returns you won’t be able to hire from us for a three month period.


Want to reserve a carrier so you don’t miss out?

Sorry! We no longer have a reserves list!  Now that we have multiples of most carriers we are finding that most people are able to hire what they would like, or find an alternative option.


The Babywearing Wellington Sling Library

Stretchy Wraps

  • Boba stretchy wrap
  • Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) hybrid stretchy wrap 
  • KariMe stretchy wrap
  • Peekababy stretchy wrap
  • Moby

Stretchy Carriers

Pouch Slings

Ring Slings

Woven Wraps

 Asian Style Carriers

Soft Structured Carriers (SSC’s)

Since Babywearing Wellington was set up in 2010 we have been very lucky to receive either donated carriers, or substantial discounts, from several companies, as well as individuals, who understand the need for sling libraries and have been happy to support our quest.  We are forever grateful to these companies and individuals who have allowed us to follow our passion for sharing the wearing.

My Natural Baby

scarecrow farm


baby first

mountain buggy


cheeky cherubs

nur nurz

natures sway

babes in arms


Updated: 25 January 2019

20 thoughts on “What can I hire?

  1. Hi there, id love to hire either a manduca or ergo for 6 months. Where abouts are you based? and il come in with baby and test one out.

    Thank you


    • Hi Rachel, we have both the manduca and ergo in our library. We hold slingmeets once a month on the first Friday of the month at the Southern Cross (on Abel Smith Street in Wellington) where you can try on the different carriers that we have in our library. We only do try-ons and hires at our slingmeets, and the hire period is for one month (slingmeet to slingmeet) only. Happy babywearing 🙂

  2. Hi there,

    I am really interested in trying a few carriers to hire before I buy one,I will come along to the next sling meet (if I’m not in labor,due the 28th Jan! ) I really like the look of the mei tais or stretchy wraps if you could please bring them along. Thank you ☺

  3. I have a two week old baby and am looking at a soft structured carrier. I’ll be coming to your meet on Friday.

    I have been recommended the ErgoBaby Ergo 360 with infant insert. Can you please bring this along?

    Would also like to try other similar carriers that you would recommend to compare. As the Ergo 360 looks quite involved!


    • Hi Tarsha, we don’t have an ergo360 in our library sorry. Similar carriers (soft structured with inserts) that we do have in our library include the Juno and Tula, we also have a manduca that has an in-built infant insert. See you on Friday!

  4. Hi, I’m interested in trying a SSC for my 9 w/o – particularly the Lillebaby. Will you have one at this week’s meeting please?

  5. Hi, if possible can I please reserve the Juno to hire for the March slingmeet. I currently have a sling.
    If this is not the correct way to reserve a carrier can you please let me know the process.

    Many thanks
    See you next month
    Rebecca Brown

  6. Hi there. I am wanting to come to the sling meet tomorrow to borrow a SSC like a Tula, ergo or Manduca. I am a first time baby wearer with a 5 week old. Would you have any of these available to hire tomorrow? Thanks

    • Hi Kate, our Tula and ergo are already reserved for this meet sorry, but I can reserve the manduca for you 🙂 reserved carriers need to be picked up by 11 at the latest, but if it’s your first meet it would be great if you were there by 10 so you don’t miss the introductions and safety talk. See you tomorrow!

  7. Hi there
    Do you have a recommendation for a carrier that can be used with baby facing out? I like the look of the ergo360 but understand you don’t have one in the library.

    • Hi Sarah,

      There isn’t one in particular that I would recommend over another, it often comes down to the wearer and what features they want, and what fits them best. A few questions as starting points – are you wanting a carrier that can also be used for inward facing, and back carries? How old is bub? What features do you want/need?

      There are several carriers in our library that allow for a forward facing carry: mountain buggy juno, natures sway multi way pouch pack, beco Gemini, lillebaby, there are also other brands available like the bjorn, ergo 360, and the chimparoo (not a definitive list).

      You’re welcome to come along to a meet and try some of our library carriers on and see what might be a good fit for you.

      Warm regards,


      • Thanks Suze
        I have come along once before and tried the manduca but bubs spent the whole time trying to look around at what was happening which is why I am keen to try and outward facing carrier.
        My boy is 6 months and on the heavy side so would be keen for something that sits on my hips for good support for my back.
        I will come along to the Petone meet on Monday if you could perhaps help me to find something that suits?

  8. Hi there is there any chance that I can sign up to be a member and hire out a baby carrier without coming along to one of the meetings. Unfortunately I’ve just missed this month’s meeting but am keen to find a baby carrier without having to buy outright new one.

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