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Natures Sway now available in the BWW library

The team at Natures Sway have kindly donated three carriers to our library. Natures Sway (NS) have recently added to their range – in addition to the NS sling which you probably already know about, they now also make a soft structured carrier (NS Pouch Pack) and a stretchy wrap (NS Carry Wrap). Here’s some information on … Continue reading

Tips for Successful Babywearing – The Early Days
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Tips for Successful Babywearing – The Early Days

 You’ve done the research, bought the sling and are completely committed to wearing your baby. So what does a new sling mumma do if their baby doesn’t seem to ‘like’ being worn? We’ve all experienced some degree of difficulty in those early days of babywearing, so here’s a few ideas for successfully working through those … Continue reading