Come Along

Do any of the following describe you?

  • You want to buy a carrier but you’re not quite sure which one
  • You have a carrier but have not had much luck getting a comfortable fit
  • You’ve never used a baby carrier but wouldn’t mind trying
  • You want to carry your baby while you do other activities
  • You want day-time sleeps to be less of a struggle
  • You would like to learn more about the traditions of babywearing
  • You are an experienced “baby wearer” and want to meet like-minded people
  • You would like to share your babywearing experience with others

If any of these statements describe you, than come to the Slingmeets!

Babywearing Wellington holds one slingmeet per month where you can come along to find out about babywearing, get help with choosing and using various carriers,  hire a carrier to try out at home, or simply chat with like-minded people.
Slingmeet 6Sept13 076
The first Friday of the month, from 10am until 11.30am at the Southern Cross.
Slingmeet 6Sept13 086
Wellington Slingmeets are held in the guest room at The Southern Cross, which is located at 39 Abel Smith St, at the top of Cuba Street. There is plenty of ($3 per hour) parking on the Streets surrounding the Southern Cross.

All welcome: mums, dads, caregivers, parents to be, babies, toddlers and their supportive friends and family. Please feel free to invite anybody you think may be interested. You do not have to be a baby wearer to attend slingmeets either!

Slingmeet 6Sept13 112

Free! Thanks to the kindness of the Southern Cross in providing us with free use of the room for our slingmeets we don’t have to charge you a thing.


A note about food and drink
We encourage slingmeet attendees to support the Southern Cross by partaking in their delicious food and beverages. With so many small children in attendance, we have some guidelines to keep your children and your morning tea out of harm’s way. We ask that you keep your food and drink to the raised booths as anything on low tables may be subject to the depredations of toddlers and those learning to walk. As well as allowing you to enjoy your food and drink yourself, this should help the Southern Cross staff by reducing mess and breakages and keep children safe from scalding and unintentional exposure to things they may have allergies to.

Slingmeet 6Sept13 068

Slingmeet 6Sept13 082

Page updated: 22 November 2017

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