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Soul AseemA



The newest addition to the Babywearing Wellington library is the newest carrier by Soul; The AseemA is adjustable from newborn (with no insert) through to toddlerhood. In the library we have the tor colorway, but are also featuring the stellar colorway in this review.
  • Weight Recommendation: 3.2-20 kg
  • Panel Base Width Adjustability: 7” to 18”
  • Panel Height Adjustability: 12” to 18”
  • Body Panel Width: 16.5”
  • 100% Jacquard woven cotton

The first things I noticed when I pulled it out was how soft the woven fabric was even brand new and how few straps and buckles there were, a welcome change from many of the other newborn-toddler adjustable carriers.


The AseemA has 2 directional shoulder strap with free flow between the buckles. This means that no matter if you’re carrying your baby on your front or back you have access to a tail end that will easily pull forward. Also because of the free flow of one long strap, rather than two shorter ones, you don’t need to go back and forth and loosen one strap to tighten another.

The Perfect Fit Adjusters (PFAs) are the only visible buckles on the front. Unlike other carriers, I found them relatively easy to adjust even when baby was already in the carrier. Above you can see them fully tightened and fully loosened. These adjust the length of the padded straps, which is great if you like a low back strap like my partner and I do.

Also on the front, but located under the Soul logo so not visible, is the body panel length adjuster. This is the best body panel adjuster I’ve seen so far. You simply slide the buckle up and down the black strap making it super easy to change quickly if you’re using your carrier for children of different sizes. On the left you can see it pulled up to its highest setting and on the right its pulled down for a smaller baby. The only downside is that if you have an older child who likes their arms out, they can easily slide them down too, though this didn’t really make a difference to either of us.

As for neck support, there is no strap, just a nice cushion which can be turned in for added neck support for smaller babies.


The chest/back clip operate the same way as the body panel adjuster, sliding up and down black straps. However, unlike the body panel they are not easy to move once you’ve got bubs on so I suggest playing around with them and finding your sweet spot first. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of the back strap or you want a more secure fit with a smaller baby, you’ve also got the option of crossing the straps.

Finally, here’s a look at the fit: first with a 3.5 month baby, then with a nearly 3 year old toddler (95 cms). The carrier is a good fit for both my partner who is 6 feet and my smaller 5 and a half feet with very little adjusting. I found it super comfy back carrying my toddler, we were able to get good knee to knee support for his legs without dangling. Best of all, with really only the base adjustment to make I was able to switch back and forth between babies easily.


Some little extra features are the removable bag and removable lumbar support. The detachable pouch is great for keys and other small things. Super handy but unfortunately doesn’t fit my 6s plus extra large phone. And I’ve never worn a carrier with lumbar support before but have found it to be an awesome addition to avoiding a sore back when wearing for prolonged periods of time, so that was a pleasant surprise for me.

So my verdict? This is a fantastic newborn to toddler carrier, the most user friendly I’ve tried so far. In fact, I liked it so much that we bought one for our family.


3 thoughts on “Soul AseemA

  1. HI, Awesome review 🙂 was there much difference in the feel of these two carriers as one is the jaquard cotton and the other “normal” woven cotton? I previously owned an anoona (lapis colour) but didnt like the fabric. Im currently trying a jaquard version of the aseema from our local babywearing group but really like the look of the Stellar if it is a soft as the one im currently using 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,

      I can only speculate but the stellar is probably similar to the regular cotton woven the anoona was made from. It’s definitely not as soft as the jacquard woven but is not nearly as stiff or thick as the ergo which is what I previously owned. I personally don’t mind the fabric but if you’re loving the jacquard you might be better to stick with it.


  2. Hi, I posted a comment earlier but it seems it didnt stick. I currently borrowing an Aseema from my local library and love it but was wondering if the Stellar is as soft as the jacguard one as its made from just “regular” woven cotton. I previously owned an Anoona (lapis) which was cotton and I didnt like the material that much. Than you!

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