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Ergobaby Adapt






img_8309In November 2016 Babywearing Wellington received one of the new ergo baby adapt carriers, generously donated to us by Babes in Arms!  These are three position carriers (Front, Hip, Back), suitable from birth to toddler, and because the base is adjustable there is no need for an additional insert. The cushioned head rest/neck support can be moved from inside the carrier for newborn, to outside for small baby, and then up for bigger babies. I have given this lots of wears over the past 4 months to give this a thorough try to be able to give a solid review.


About that base and how it adjusts – I was really interested in how this would work compared to other carriers with adjustable bases I had tried (lillebaby complete, beco gemini, cinched manduca).




img_8294The adapt has two bits that need adjusting, firstly on the inside, the flaps are velcro and you move them into the corresponding lines for the size of your baby.  Secondly, on the outside of the carrier there are straps with domes that need adjusting – pull them to the tightest setting and snap them on for newborn, or loosen off for bigger babes.

These adjustments mean that the carrier maintains a bucket seat, and it is so easy to get a deepseat with M positioning for smaller babes! By 6 weeks my baby was too big for the small setting and had moved into the middle setting. img_9744At 6 months she was fitting the middle setting well, but was also ‘big enough’ to
img_9759fit the width of the wide base setting knee to knee.  However, because of the excellent bucket seat positioning she ended up dropping too low in the wide base setting and was getting lost in the carrier.

It’s important to remember about achieving a good overall fit in a carrier!
I am really impressed with the adapt and it’s adjustable seat – compared with other carriers with adjustable bases I had no trouble getting the M position, something that often needs a bit more work in babes under 6 months in buckle carriers.

img_9892Some other features I’ve really liked about the adapt is that I can cross the (padded) straps, I find this far more comfortable and easier to use in front carries. I found the straps really easy to adjust and tighten/loosen as necessary, it was easy to get a good fit for both me and my babe.  The adapt has a lumbar support attached too, again, making front carries more comfortable. The adapt also has a small pocket big enough for a (small) phone, car key, eftpos cards..

img_8295I haven’t yet done a hip/side carry, or a back carry, but I will definitely be giving these a try in the future and updating this post.

Overall feelings about this carrier? Well, lets just say that usually in between sling meets carriers live in the suitcase in storage.. but when not hired at our meets the adapt has spent its time not far from my reach!  I have really enjoyed being able to use this with my baby, and it is now one of my most recommended buckle carriers. I’m very glad that we have this in our library to share with the community, and will hopefully be able to add a second one in time.
If you are interested in hiring the ergo baby adapt send us an email to to reserve it for our next meet.

xx Suze

Feb-3p-ada-ca-0-pgy-life-fc-5-webrom the Website:

Recommended by and developed in consultation with health professionals
Easy-to-use adjustability across all stages from birth to toddler
No Infant Insert required for newborns
3 carry positions: inward-facing front, hip, & back
Cushioned head & neck support folds into three positions to support baby
Adjustable bucket seat graduates through three ergonomic positions as baby grows
Aligns with the recommended carry position from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
Comfortable for parents baby’s weight is evenly distributed across your hips and shoulders
Padded shoulder straps offer a crisscross option and easy to reach buckles
Padded waistband with extra lumbar support and double adjustment
Highly adjustable to suit wearers from 153cm – 195cm (5’ to 6’5”)
Breastfeed on the go adjustable design allows hands-free feeding
SPF 50+ hood allows for sleeping baby, discreet breastfeeding, and sun/wind protection
Promotes mobility great for tight spaces, uneven surfaces and stairs – whether in or outdoors

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