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A new Tula for our Library


The Sleepstore have generously donated a brand new standard Tula to our sling library in the very cool ‘Ed’s Speedway’ Print


Our Tula’s are very popular so it’s fantastic to now have three in our collection! Features we love about the tula are the size: when used with the infant insert they are suitable from newborn right through to toddlerhood.  Lots of people can still comfortably use a standard size tula with a 3 year old (up to 20kg) and Tula have an additional accessory called ‘free to grow extenders’ which will make it more comfortable for the toddler with long legs.  Tula’s can be used for both front and back carries (Tula recommends back carries from 1 year of age).  They come with a sleep hood which can also be used for discreet nursing while wearing.  There is a small pocket on the waistband which is handy for keys, a card wallet and/or a phone, (my iPhone 6 just squeezes in).  The padding on the shoulder straps is thick and comfy and the wide waistband means it doesn’t get ‘diggy’.  The design of the Tula means baby is supported in an ergonomic position that supports the knees for a comfortable ride for baby.  Tula’s are popular with both petite and large wearers with a waistband that tightens to 58.5cm and widens to 142cm.  The shoulder straps have personal fit adjusters where the straps connect to the top of the panel of the carrier which make breastfeeding while wearing easy, and also help to get a tight and secure fit.  The adjustors under the arms are easy to adjust and tighten when on.


Check out the Sleepstore to see the range of carriers they have available for purchase and if you would like to reserve our new Ed’s Speedway Tula for our next meet send us an e-mail to


2 thoughts on “A new Tula for our Library

  1. Hi there! This is awesome. Tula makes the best carriers. I used previously Beco Gemini, but after my daughter become little bigger I bought Tula and feeled very gbig difference!

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