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A new Island Custom Toddler Onbu for Babywearing Wellington

Penina at Island Custom has generously donated a toddler onbu to our sling library! We took it for a walk by the river to see how it fit and felt. Demo child is 3 years old.

Out of the bag the onbu came with clear notes to better understand how to use the carrier. It is suitable from around 18 months to 3 years and is designed to be worn high, tight, and with the wearees arms out the top of the carrier. The top of the panel should not be any higher than the child’s shoulder blades. The instructions also explained the twist in the strap webbing, which makes total sense when worn, but if you’ve never used an onbu before you might think the maker had made a mistake with the sewing (the way the bottom of the carrier hammocks means the strap needs a twist to sit flush on the wearers body).

A feature that we liked about this onbu was the elastic at the bottom of the panel which helped to create the hammock seat more easily. The length of the panel meant that even at 3 we could still achieve a comfortable seat without compromising the support up the back. The Island Custom onbu has both personal fit adjustors as well as strap adjustors to help get a comfortable high and tight fit for the wearer. The sliding chest belt allows the wearer to position it where is most comfortable for them. The padded shoulder straps are lovely as they are where you are carrying the weight!

At 3 years this demo child’s legs were looking pretty long and dangly out the sides and after half an hour of walking she was asking me to hold her feet – but we are used to having a bit more leg support and width to her seats in our normal carriers. Overall I found this onbu easy to put on and adjust and get comfortable and it will be a great addition to the Babywearing Wellington sling library.

For more information about how to get your very own custom onbu check out the Island Custom website and the Facebook page

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