BWW Library / Stretchy Wraps

Heart to Heart Stretchy Wrap available in our library

The Heart to Heart wrap is one of the stretchy wrap carriers available to hire from the Babywearing Wellington library. The team at Heart to Heart generously donated this gorgeous wrap to the library last year. Check them out at
IMG_9708I have one of these wraps myself, which was perfect for my little lass when she was a newborn. Being cotton, it was very easy to take care of. I just threw it in the wash after one of the many messy incidents involving a number two.

The features that I really like about the Heart to Heart wrap is that it is extra wide, allowing plenty of space for those larger or taller babies such as my bonnie wee lassie. It is truly ‘one size fits all’: wide, long, with tapered ends, which makes it easy to tie.

Heart to Heart wraps are made from 100% quality cotton milled in NZ (no imported fabric). I love made in NZ!

The advantage of being a stretchy wrap means you can put your baby in and out without taking it off or re-tying. I also found it rather supportive of the baby’s weight, especially if you get a nice snug tie and tighten it up rail by rail (come to our March slingmeet on Friday the 3rd and I’ll show you how – more details about the next slingmeet to follow shortly).

The Heart to Heart wrap comes with a pocket sized instructions, which is a useful thing to throw in the nappy bag and have on hand.

These lovely wraps are available in a gorgeous moss green, beautiful blue, white or black. The one in our library is blue.

This photo is one of my earliest outings with in the my wee lassie in the Heart to Heart (at just 8 days old). Fond memories of those newborn days!

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